Month: May 2017



100s of Emotionally Charged and Compelling Yoruba Movies

If you are looking for Christian based films in Yoruba Language, the movies here are undoubtedly the movie for you. Below are great movies with a mix of inspiration, intense, character-driven story and a ton of laughs all rolled up

Revealing Hidden Secrets Of The Kingdom Of Darkness

Below are remarkable video testimonies of Emmanuel Eni and others who went deep into the dark world of witchcraft, occult and satanism with no route of escaping or coming out. But the scripture says in Isaiah 49: 24-25 “Shall the

Glorious Church – Full Episodes

The leaders of seven different churches take an adventure of life, living in the end times. Through the various choices they’ll have to make; will they choose to follow the course they’ve been anointed and appointed to take or, will

House On The Rock Full Episode

House on the Rock is a unique family series of 1-44. It is about the story of a young Christian couple facing the challenges of maintaining a good Christian home as a newly wed. It is from Christoline Film Productions and

Lost In Sodom Full Episodes

Lost in Sodom Episodes 1 to 10 is a drama is from Flaming Sword Ministries, Dallas Texas where it was filmed on location. Produced and directed by Wole Adeyi and Margaret Anenih.1-10 from Flaming Sword Ministries, Dallas Texas. Watch and be blessed. [embedyt][/embedyt]

100s of Uplifting and Inspiring Christian Films

Below are Christian films that show viewers how to live for God while going through everyday situations. There are an increasing number of Christian films that are not just increasing in quality but what we are seeing are growing number