About Us

Yustreet is an online Christian community platform with a mission to empower our community members achieve success and fulfil their God given destinies.

What We Do

Designed to create conversation, our portal is  fully moderated and for most useful topics, you can discuss, interact, share, learn at a great length and even, earn reward for your participation in the community. Non-Christians are also welcome but please visit our Non-Christians page.

Brought to you by our group of God-fearing writers, editors and content producers, we strive to provide timely information on everything from News that Matters, Film reviews  to Marriage, Parenting, Family issues, Godly fashion and Beauty, Health and finance etc.

Our main goal is to reach people with the GoodNews of salvation both online and offline, Yustreet therefore gets involved in community outreach by publishing and distributing of Gospel Booklets and Tracts in the UK and across the world.

But there is more,…

  • Yustreet is a directory site where you can find a “Church Near You”, but essentially, to find a church which you can gauge by the ratings from individuals who have attended service in the church you’re searching for.
  • Yustreet is a great way to get found out easily on the web and drive targeted traffic to your site.
  • If you’re a Church, Ministry or Business Owner, we provide varied cost-saving solutions which include web design, digital marketing services, advertisement, print media solutions, etc to help grow your business or ministry.
  • Yustreet provides a daily feed of curated news that matters to help our busy professionals keep up to speed on events impacting issues they care about.
  • As a Christian directory site, you’ll find Christian Ministries, Christian Businesses, Christian Writers on Yustreet. We aim to allow Christian community to find Christian service providers easily, to provide easy networking opportunities for Christians in business to do business together, to provide a cost-effective advertising medium and enable Christians in business to reach a loyal, targeted Christian audience who are already looking.
  • Yustreet Jobs and Vacancy Platform is designed to connect Christians and Christian organizations to find the next great hire.

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