Revealing Hidden Secrets Of The Kingdom Of Darkness

Below are remarkable video testimonies of Emmanuel Eni and others who went deep into the dark world of witchcraft, occult and satanism with no route of escaping or coming out. But the scripture says in Isaiah 49: 24-25 “Shall the

990 Years Experience In The Kingdom of Darkness

Know the secrets of the kingdoms from another perspective from Funmilayo – 990 years experience in the kingdom of darkness. Like the Biblical Saul, She-devil, a senior officer of the kingdom of darkness was a thorn in the flesh of Christian

Be Warned! Heaven & Hell Are Real. Testimonies Of Those Who Died & Allowed to Come Back

Hear the breathtaking account of these people who died, shown the realms of Heaven, taken to Hell and allowed to come back. [embedyt][/embedyt] [templatic_contentbox type=”normal” title=”Will You Go To Hell or Heaven?”] Where do you think you will spend

Reality of Heaven & Hell – Abraham Yakubu’s Death Experience

Pastor Abraham Yakubu had an accident, died and sent back to preach. His messages are intriguing because they entail about his death and how he obtained the grace to behold the heavenly realm and Judgment of God. If you don’t


Are you born again? Do not glory yet as Pastor Abraham Yakubu points out in a revelation of his death experience. He details series of screening encounter before entering Heaven. You will discover that holy scripture mean it when it defines

The hour of His judgment has come

There is no greater mistake if you are not preparing for Heaven now. Heaven and Hell are real places and to get to Heaven requires preparation, to go to Hell doesn’t. Seek ye the LORD while he may be found,