Videos – Life After Death

Death is real, but the issue of Heaven and Hell Fire is as real as the issue of death. It is foolishness to wait till you die before you know what happens after death. By then, it would have been too late to apply the truths. To get to heaven and live eternally requires preparation, to get into eternal fires of hell doesn’t. You can get prepared while on earth and not when death comes. How well are you prepared? Learn from people who have experienced death and given the grace to come back to warn us.

Be Warned! Heaven & Hell Are Real. Testimonies Of Those Who Died & Allowed to Come Back

Hear the breathtaking account of these people who died, shown the realms of Heaven, taken to Hell and allowed to come back.

Reality of Heaven & Hell – Abraham Yakubu’s Death Experience

Pastor Abraham Yakubu had an accident, died and sent back to preach. His messages are intriguing because they entail about his death and how he obtained the… Read more »