top tips to ease back pain while drivingIs driving your car to work everyday literally a pain in the neck or back? Long drives will often cause a fair amount of discomfort and even pain in the lower back. But if lower back pain while driving is an every day routine you must take concrete steps to treat it. The first of course would include seeking immediate medical attention. Seemingly trivial instances of back pain often turn out to be the prelude to more serious disorders like fibromyglia or even Sciatica Nerve disorder. Both ailments are not only chronic but they also have a limited number of remedial solutions. So prevention in both cases is the best cure.

 The problem with driving is the posture that we use. When we drive our tail bone supports the entire body weight and our arms are held in the elevated position to hold the steering wheel. This posture is bound to cause pain and stiffness in the neck, upper back, shoulder blades and lower back. When most of us are in pain we tend to take the easy route of gulping in painkiller. But painkillers never address the root cause of the problem and have ghastly side effects. So instead of popping a pill read on to discover top tips to ease back pain while driving

Yoga: There is certainly no dearth of people who vouch by the efficacy of yoga in relieving back pain. Simple yogic stretches not only relax you but can provide immediate back pain relief. One way to alleviate lower back pain is to do a spinal twist. At the stoplight, keep your foot firmly on the brake and face and chest facing forward. Now with your left hand grasp the right side of your seat, slowly twist you upper torso to the right. Your head should follow your body. Now do the same in the opposite direction. If your neck is sore; move your head from side to side that is try to touch your ear to your shoulder first on one side and then the other. Next move our head from side to side first to the left ad then to the right.

 Exercises at home: Simple exercises like a few minutes spent on the exercise ball can help to strengthen your back muscles and increase flexibility.

 Lumbar Support in the Car: If your pain is chronic and acute you may want to opt for lumbar support seating options. These can include lumbar support built into the car seat, additional cushions that provide back support or the simplest option can be to place a rolled towel behind your back to stop yourself from slumping into the car seat.

 Lifestyle: A sedentary lifestyle will not only increase back pain related issues but will also be instrumental in causing other health ailments. So instead of using your car to travel over short distances walk your way.

 On a final note, lower back pain is certainly not a condition that should be taken lightly. Conditions like fibromyglia and Sciatica which are characterized by chronic back pain eventually lead to loss of movement in limbs, severe depression and loss of bowel and bladder control. So if you suffer from chronic back pain you should seek medical attention at the earliest. Ignoring your back pain will not make it go away but it may take a turn for the worse

Femi Tunde
Olufemi Folorunsho, popularly known as Femi Tunde is the founder of Yustreet. He serves as an evangelist with a particular focus on the United Kingdom. He is also a publisher of Christian literature and entrepreneur of Christian evangelism materials.