Olori Ota – The Chief Enemy


This captivating play is about the evangelist Lucas, who ministers through music at different Christian gatherings. He is very popular and in great demand. As time goes on, his ministry extends beyond the shores of Nigeria.

He is however plagued by three enemies. One, his mother, being a witch, is not happy about his success. She asked her co-witches to put sicknesses in Lucas’ body so that he would not be able to travel abroad. The second enemy comes as a revenge attack from a woman who had bewitched a boy, but the boy was healed during his music ministration. The third enemy is his own self.

While ministering one day, Lucas gave a false prophecy. This is a sin against God. He became seriously ill and was hospitalized. On his sick bed, a man of God informed him that God says there is a confession he has to make but he refused.

However, he was healed by the prayer of the pastor, but the unconfessed sin in his life was an anchor for the greatest enemy to be able to kill him in an untimely fashion. Hence, he acted as his own greatest enemy by refusing to confess and forsake his sins.

Year of Release
Primary Audience
Adult, Family, Young adults
Sexual/Nudity Content
Drug/Alcohol Content
Foul Language
Moral Teaching based on Biblical Standards
Spiritually Recharging
Movie Making Quality ( technical, sound & artistic quality, directing, acting, music.)
Pretty Good
This Movie is Recommended as:
Appropriate for Faith-Based Viewers
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This is true as we really need to deal with self. If we don’t deal with it, it will deal with us, it will give the enemy access and to do all sorts and make us lose the salvation we once received. Satan gain access to the self in the garden of Eden when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit. Now that we are born of the spirit in christ i.e child of God (born again), we must ensure that we crucify the deeds of the flesh by saying ‘no’ to sin.

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This film is a masterpiece. 

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