Reality of Heaven & Hell – Abraham Yakubu’s Death Experience

Pastor Abraham Yakubu had an accident, died and sent back to preach. His messages are intriguing because they entail about his death and how he obtained the grace to behold the heavenly realm and Judgment of God. If you don’t want to end up in eternal fires of hell and instead get to heaven to live eternally, then listen to these messages. Are you a Christian already? “DO GLORY NOT YET” by Pastor Abraham Yakubu. He said that in your quest and zeal in serving God and making heaven, DO NOT GLORY YET; because the devil hasn’t given up hope on you. The devil still believes you can fall from that high mountain of Holiness and righteousness. Below: The Reality of Heaven and Hell Pt 1 & Pt2 (English version) The man that went to Heaven and came back Pt 1 – Pt 4 (Yoruba version)


Will You Go To Hell or Heaven?

Where do you think you will spend eternity? Heaven? Are you 100% sure that you are right with God and are completely free from the domination of sin? Whether you are a christian or not, you still need to look inward at this moment and take a personal inventory to ascertain your standing with God. (Tomorrow may be too late) For a Non Christian – If God judges you by the Ten commandments, will you be innocent or guilty? If you are already a Christian – Can you personally echo the word of an old song writer: “The thing I used to do, I do them no more? Find Out Now!  





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